Edge to edge quilting – Lots of patterns to choose from

Cot 40 x 50 £75.00
  50 x 60 £85.00
Lap 60 x 70 £95.00
  70 x 70 £110.00
  70 x 80 £120.00
Single 70 x 90 £130.00
Double 80 x 90 £150.00
Queen 90 x 100 £175.00
King 110 x 110 £185.00

Custom – Designed exclusively for that extra special quilt and would include all or some of the following: stitch in the ditch, motifs, feathers, freehand quilting, borders , etc. etc.

Binding – £3.25 per foot.

Machine sewn to the front of the quilt and hand sewn to back


  • Warm and Natural 100% cotton 90” wide £14.00 metre
  • Warm and Natural 100% cotton 124” wide £18.00 metre
  • Cotton muslin/calico cream 108” wide £18.00 metre
  • Cotton muslin/calico cream 118” wide £20.00 metre


  1. Trim all loose and trailing threads, as they are very unsightly when showing through the quilt. It is worth taking the time to do this job carefully as it makes a much better finish to the quilt.
  2. Press your quilt top well and make sure all seams are pressed facing the desired direction, especially for stitch in the ditch as it is not possible to stitch if seams are pressed flat as there is no “ditch”.
  3. Do not baste any layers together
  4. Indicate the top of the quilt with a piece of paper pinned with a safety pin
  5. If supplying the backing and wadding yourself they need to be at least 4inches lager than the quilt top all the way round.
  6. If supplying your own backing please make sure all pieces are the same length, it is SQUARE and all selvage’s have been removed and pressed flat
  7. Remove all pins ( ouch!!!) and basting.